Is there an actual Witch of Whidbey?

While the island has many practitioners and adherents of various beliefs, and someone may refer to themselves as the modern Witch of Whidbey or Whidbey Witch, these are not their tales.

How did you come up with the idea?

The idea for the Witch of Whidbey came to me while I was learning about Isaac Ebey in Mr. Grigsby’s Washington State History class at Oak Harbor Junior High back in the ’80s.

How are you related to Achsah Young?

I am not part of her bloodline. However, my great-uncle is.

Are you a Witch?

No. I tend to think of myself as being more like a fairy tale writer of old.

A myth maker.

I know a smattering enough of the ways to warn the curious to be cautious.